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Together, we can transform your garden into a wonderful space that reflects your lifestyle and revives your enjoyment of being outdoors

Garden & landscape design

As a professional landscape designer, I help people create the beautiful, bespoke gardens they dream of. Some to enjoy entertaining, or a relaxing retreat, others for spatial structure or a walk on the wild side.

Tell us your hopes and inspirations, and we will bring them to life by imagining and implementing the ideal solution for you and for your outdoor space.

Whatever the size of your project, there is no end of possibilities. From small gardens to large estates, everything is personally designed, and always perfectly formed.

Luke Roeder, Principal Landscape Designer

Landscape Design Plans

Trusted design principles

There are many principles I follow, studied and shaped over 20 years. Some are intentional, others more instinctive. After all, good landscape design comes from a blend of rules and rebellion.

Most important is understanding how you will use your garden – its function and flow – so that we can create mood and movement in different areas.

Design should relate to the house and other key elements in the landscape. This ensures a connection and coherence between home and garden, and a pleasing visual effect from every aspect. Conversely, design features should not relate to the boundaries, helping to create a sense of space, fluidity and intrigue.

Planning consultancy & applications

For projects that require a planning application, we are skilled in producing landscape plans suitable for submission to your local authority. Often these can be drawn up using photographs and plans provided by your architect or contractor, but where necessary we will arrange a visit to conduct a site survey.

Roeder landscape plans are professionally drawn to a high standard, with all the required detail, and tailored to the wording of the planning conditions applied to your project. Importantly, they are created using our extensive experience of what different local authorities are looking for in a landscape plan.

Day House Garden Landscape

Landscape construction

Hard landscaping and structural elements provide form, function and flow, but it is essential these are considered as part of the whole. Our ‘design first’ philosophy means everything is meticulously planned, to maximise the potential of a space, and to create visual coherence.

This holistic approach to positioning and orientation brings every element together, making a huge difference to how your garden looks and how it makes you feel. We are also expert in the specification of hard landscaping detail, with careful selection of materials in relation to your home, your planting scheme, and the surrounding habitat. And you can be assured our skilled team will take care of all building works, ensuring your vision becomes a perfect reality.

Planting design & selection

I tend to recommend a ‘less is more’ approach, using a carefully curated palette of plants to create dramatic effect and year-round interest. Repetition is important too, delivering visual impact, encouraging movement and creating a cohesive plan. Of course, there may be existing plants and trees you wish to retain, or favourites you would like to introduce, and I will advise if they can be incorporated in our planting plan.

Plants are my speciality but are only used as part of a cohesive design that considers all aspects of the project. Often I see gardens that require far more maintenance than is necessary. With careful selection and positioning of plants, a stunning garden can be created that gives you more leisure and less labour!


Environment & sustainability

Creating a new garden or landscape is a wonderful opportunity to adopt environmental best practice, enriching the habitat for wildlife and enhancing your enjoyment of the space.

We are skilled practitioners of sustainable landscape design, aiming to minimise use of resources and the output of waste, as a benefit to nature and a means to reduce your costs. We reuse existing plants and materials where possible and desirable, and recycle everything else that we can. We also source locally and specify recycled products.

We take care to protect and improve soil conditions, supporting natural ecosystems and enabling your plants to thrive. Our manure bagging facility saves waste and labour, and helps keep work sites tidy. When we create your garden, we always aim for minimum impact on both the environment and your home life - reducing our footprint in every sense!




Every design begins with a conversation, learning about how you intend to use the space and listening to any ideas you may have.

As a trained landscape designer, with over 20 years’ experience, planning and design are at the heart of everything we do.

I began my career in commercial horticulture, and have extensive knowledge of plants and plant selection, further developed over 14 years as a Head Gardener, managing private gardens and country estates that are open to the public.

Over the years I have also become highly skilled in specifying hard landscaping detail and construction, using Computer-Aided Design (CAD), and incorporating sustainable practices wherever possible.

We design and create beautiful gardens and landscapes that are visually stunning, while always considering the environmental impact and, importantly, the ongoing maintenance requirements.

We would love to hear about your project, and invite you to contact us for an initial chat about how we can help transform your garden or landscape. Please call or email using the details below.

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